Imagine an upper class English girl kidnapped by pirates when she was eleven, and eventually returned to her family. If this sounds familiar, you've probably either read the classic book A High Wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes, or seen the movie. Whatever you may imagine, Jean Roberta has taken the grown-up Emily far beyond your--or the younger Emily's--wildest speculations.

Up All Night

Message to a smart, rebellious, creative person of about 18-22 (average university-student age): You are not alone. Your argument is not unique, but neither is it pointless. However, until/unless your skill at sentence construction is equal to the complexity of your ideas, you probably won't be understood. - One Who was Once as You Are.
Jean Roberta is the thin-disguise pen name of an English instructor in a Canadian prairie university, where she is currently co-editing a book of articles based on presentations in a queer faculty speakers series, including her own approach to the notorious 1928 lesbian (or transgendered) novel, The Well of Loneliness.